Doğum Tarihi 27 Temmuz 1977
Rütbe / Puan Bican Efendi / 127

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Ismail Acar began his photography career at the Isa Celik Atelier in 1995. Following, he worked with Cengiz Akduman and Adil Gümüşoğlu. After working at the studios of Cengiz Akduman and Adil Gümüşoğlu, he started sharing a studio with Ahmet Gül.

Ismail Acar started operating his own studio in 2004 and is working from there since by then.

Most of his work were published in Cosmopolitan (1), Hulya, House Beautiful, Super Shopping Magazine, Cosmogirl, Aktuel, Bebegim ve Biz, Elele, Kadinca, Gala, Dolce, Erkekce, etc.. Ismail Acar, is also active in the advertising sector, working in subjects like industrial sector, nature and still life, places and location, fashion photography and in the artistic world for the preparation of personal portfolios as well .

(1) All of the following are prominent magazines published in Turkey

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